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Melrose Stamp Co

Welcome to the new site! Launched 2001 initially as an eBay-centric business and a seller on Amazon, MSC has since provided Ideal brand self-inking rubber stamps in over 63,000 transactions to customers in 28 countries.

Jeff Stannard, owner and proprietor, oversees operations from order processing to shipment. MSC is located in upstate New York near the Hudson River, about 25 miles north of Albany NY.

We design, prepare and customize all rubber stamps and printed labels. We do not drop-ship from another manufacturer, our products are prepared in-house in our printing facility.



These rubber stamps are made by exposing a photo-sensitive polymer to UV light. After exposure, the remaining residue is washed away and what remains is used as a rubber stamp. And don't forget, you can use your stamp immediately right out of the box as soon as it arrives!

This page updated 10/18/23

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